Bitcoin Now One Of The Top Five Currencies In The World By Circulation

Written on 12/15/2017
Mike Mikkola

With a market value of $300 BILLION, Bitcoin has greater circulation than all but four major world currencies. Bitcoin exceeds all currencies except the US dollar, the Yen, the Yuan, and the Euro. To add perspective, the US Dollar has $1.4 Trillion in circulation.

To put this in even greater perspective, Bitcoin has greater circulation than the British Pound and also the Rupee. And to further make the case for cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are also among the 20 largest “currencies.”

With more and more businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, we are moving not only to a cashless society but one that includes more than 2 billion people that are shut out of the current banking system. Also, as an added benefit, cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous.