ICOBox and CFC announce partnership for ICO of CryptoAds

ICOBox and CFC announce partnership for ICO of CryptoAds

Written on 05/05/2018
Gerry Barja

CFC has signed up for the technical, legal and marketing services of ICOBox, the premier provider of SaaS solutions for conducting ICOs, for its CryptoAds token sale. Based in Ukraine, the CryptoAds Marketplace is a powerful decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum blockchain. CFC has a well-developed cloud-based software system for internal use and its B2C sector and has decided to expand into the burgeoning B2B marketplace.

The CryptoAds Marketplace platform is a transparent and secure place for brands, digital advertisers, marketing firms, content publishers, and media influencers to trade advertising in a much-needed decentralized exchange. It will allow advertisers to place all sorts of multi-media ads (native video, live-casting ads, “in the round”, vertical video, in-app, and walls) at traffic points using AI and blockchain technology. Publishers will be able to share their audience reach, delivery methods, and hosting capabilities directly with potential advertisers. Finally, smart contracts will allow for both parties to engage in more meaningful and rewarding interaction through analytical exchange and feedback, while alleviating the fears of ad fraud.

The most recent Ericsson Mobility Report has estimated that 44% ($269.85 billion) of all worldwide advertising funds spent in 2018 will be on digital ads. Ericsson estimates that the percentage of digital ads will reach half of all global advertising by 2020. As the footprint of digital advertising grows, so does the number of middlemen, trackers, and fraudulent bot-generated traffic numbers. Deceptive click-farms and ad stacking scams are burning up budgets without advertisers knowing anything about ad consumers, let alone if anyone saw the ad.

CEO and Founder of CFC Oleksii Vinogradov observed “we saw that the digital advertising marketplace was anachronistic, something akin to the trading system before the industrial age – full of middlemen, inefficiency, and scams. The idea behind CryptoAds is to update this rapidly growing marketplace to allow advertisers to directly interact with publishers in a secure decentralized marketplace.”

CryptoAds provides a solution to the problem of middlemen in the digital advertising world. Blockchain and smart-contract technology incorporated into the platform will enable advertisers to store the history of their offers and rewards, launch full-fledged campaigns through multiple different outlets, stipulate their own prices and offers, and leave feedback in the form of a profile rating. Publishers can create a history of ads hosted, provide content hosting tailored to major advertising campaigns, negotiate with advertisers, and build a reputation that will separate effective publishers from fraudsters. Collectively the platform serves as a neutral referee for the execution of smart contracts between advertisers and publishers. A CryptoAds prototype has already been implemented inside the CFC.io project, with its over 7 million registered users, providing a base for the future project.

The CryptoAds Utility Token (CRAD) will power the platform ecosystem. There will be a fixed number of tokens created, and no future tokens will be generated. The token will be used by advertisers to pay publishers, for publishers to reward users and accept payments, and for users to receive rewards for consuming ad content. The CRAD token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard and will be freely transferable.

Visit CryptoAds here.