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Mike Mikkola on 05/10/2018

3cCoin – Reliable Investments in the High-Tech Future of Modern Construction

3cCoin is the blockchain option for investing in the production of the revolutionary construction material Composite Cellular Concrete (3C). This project is not a start-up! The experimental productions were repeatedly launched in Russia and Europe. The technology and material have been developing for 7 years. The funds raised under the ICO will be used to launch a “green” FULL-SCALE production of this innovative construction material and to develop appropriate technologies.

Gerry Barja on 05/05/2018

ICOBox and CFC announce partnership for ICO of CryptoAds

CFC has signed up for the technical, legal and marketing services of ICOBox, the premier provider of SaaS solutions for conducting ICOs, for its CryptoAds token sale. Based in Ukraine, the CryptoAds Marketplace is a powerful decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum blockchain. CFC has a well-developed cloud-based software system for internal use and its B2C sector and has decided to expand into the burgeoning B2B marketplace.

Mike Mikkola on 05/03/2018

HASHRENTAL: First Decentralized Hashing Power Marketplace

Nicehash KILLER. Need for a decentralized platform for hashing power rent. Today of widespread uncertainty and distrust in existing centralized services of renting and buying hashing power and exchange services. Reason for this suffered a major security breach. The only existing large cryptocurrency mining marketplace has been hacked in late 2017. As a result, the market customers lost $60 million.

Stuart Jackson on 05/01/2018

Justice protocol Kleros announces world’s first Interactive Initial Coin Offering (IICO)

Kleros, a dispute resolution layer for the Ethereum blockchain, has announced its token sale. The team will host an Interactive Initial Coin Offering (IICO) on May 15th, an enhanced Initial Coin Offering inspired by a model proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch. It will mark the first time an IICO has been used in a public sale.

Gerry Barja on 04/17/2018

IP.Gold - The Blockchain-Based Digital Asset

IP.Gold is currently conducting its Private Sale through April 30, 2018 at 12:00 AM (UTC). Open to participants worldwide, the IP.Gold Private sale offers up to a 15% bonus on their contribution. The IP.Gold Public ICO will begin May 2, 2018 at 12:00 AM (UTC) and run through June 16, 2018 at 12:00 AM (UTC), offering participants up to a 12% bonus on their contribution. See https://IP.Gold for details.

Gerry Barja on 11/30/2017

BITMAIN ANTMINER S9, The World’s Most Power-Efficient Bitcoin Miner

Are you a crypto miner? If so you must already know the power of Bitmain Antminer. Coinwarz places Bitcoin as the top 2 ranked current cryptocurrency profitability positions. With the steady and relentless increase in Bitcoin value, it appears that BTC mining could be one of the best ways to attain those valued cryptos. From our research, we have concluded that BITMAIN ANTMINER S9 has one of the very best ratings because of its superb efficiency and cost.

Gerry Barja on 11/22/2017

Upcoming ICO For Global Migrants and Their Unbanked Families

The migrant and their unbanked families in emerging and frontier markets have been suppressed for the longest time without any access to basic services, financial or otherwise. Approximately 2.4 billion people in poverty worldwide are often excluded from free movement, basic rights which often leads them to corruption, crime, including slavery, human trafficking and in extreme cases, death. Migrant far too often are denied basic financial tools.

Mike Mikkola on 10/12/2017

Silkos ICO Offers a Decentralized Marketplace For Cryptocurrencies

The goal of the Silkos (SLK) network, platform and ecosystem is to offer society a new an innovative way of trading based on individual or multiple parties. A global, safe, international and decentralized platform. Supported by an active community and disregarding the need for middle parties or the and demand to own credit-cards, multiple kinds of FIAT money or PayPal kind of services.

Gerry Barja on 10/10/2017

There's Gold Nobody is Mining

Is it true that content is king? If it is, then someone you know might be sitting on a gold mine. What if the beloved games of yesteryear were created with today's technology? Would people play them? What if the thousands of worlds that inspired Everquest and World of Warcraft were there in a format that would inspire a new generation? Would they capture imaginations? What if there were a platform that allowed the content creators of the 90's to reach out to a new market? Would they find a market? What if there were a way for the free to play games of the past to get their share of the bounty being won by the free to play games of today? Would they make money? What if free-to-play text games became micropayment-enabled mobile games? Would they be as addictive? What if MUDs were reincarnated as mobile MMORPGs? Wouldn't you like to find out? The platform to allow that is here and that time is now.

Gerry Barja on 10/07/2017

PreSale ICO of BitCheke is Soon Approaching

BitCheke is the future of advertising and commerce payment systems. BCK (BitCheke) is developing a decentralized cryptocurrency that will disrupt the advertising and e-commerce industries by implementing a new way of exchanging goods and services.

Gerry Barja on 10/06/2017

Cash Poker Pro is a Modern Poker Room

Cash Poker Pro is a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology.

Justin Billingsley on 10/02/2017

Why Privacy is The New Blockchain Frontier - meet Rockchain.org

The new trust economy is booming thanks to cryptographic innovation. It is disrupting traditional capital market mechanisms (PreICOs replacing business angels investments, ICOs replacing IPOs) by providing distributed market liquidity, transparency and a cryptographic proof of both funds transfers and tokens distributions.

Gerry Barja on 09/14/2017

LAT Research: The Exponential Growth of Crypto Markets to $5 Trillion

LATokens research team, formed by Deutsche Bank and McKinsey alumni, prepared the first LAT Crypto Research, outlining that total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies can reach $5 trillion by 2025, with asset-backed tokens driving the growth. To read the full report, follow the link, and we’ll share the highlights with you in this post.

Mike Mikkola on 09/14/2017

Dimon vs. Bitcoin

Did anyone see where Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorgan Chase said that Bitcoin was a fraud and would blow up? The cryptocurrency market reacted negatively at first but is already recovering.

Mike Mikkola on 09/07/2017

NEO Thriving Under New Chinese Regulations Banning ICOs

In the wake of the People’s Bank of China’s recent outlawing of ICOs, NEO, a Chinese open-source blockchain, has stated that it will comply with the new regulations pertaining to returning funds received through ICOs. It has begun refunds to any investor who purchased tokens during their ICO offering.