LightBitAtom Builds Decentralized Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

LightBitAtom Builds Decentralized Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Written on 05/08/2018
Gerry Barja

The project aims to create a peer-to-peer system for cryptocurrency trading, providing a platform that cannot be stopped or censored.

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Crypto markets have been booming recently, with new altcoins springing up like mushrooms after the rain. This plethora of options has highlighted the need for an extensive and sophisticated framework enabling market participants to buy, sell and exchange their digital assets safely and efficiently.

The imperfect reality of existing crypto exchanges

Existing crypto exchanges and other intermediaries still have numerous weaknesses and limitations. They remain illiquid and fragmented, charge high transaction fees, offer a limited choice of traded currency pairs, and the process of account verification might take up to several days. Besides, due to geographic location and national regulations peculiarities, not all of them are available worldwide. Last but not the least, when using such a centralized exchange, you have to open an account wallet and entrust your funds to this exchange, thus running a high risk of losing your money or confidential data as a result of hacker attacks or hardware failure.

LightBitAtom invites everyone to the New World

Luckily, traders, investors, and institutions can now forget these doubts and fears. LightBitAtom has a solution that can easily overcome all the vulnerabilities of existing exchanges by introducing a new multi-crypto decentralized exchange (DEX). It has an automated trade execution p2p system designed to facilitate buying and selling multiple cryptocurrencies all over the world safely and with lower exchange rate as compared to other platforms. No identity verification means that users will have a high degree of privacy and protection from identity theft.

What makes LightBitAtom unique is the next-generation technologies the company implements. This secure but user-friendly platform is powered by Lightning Network and cross-chain atomic swaps eliminating the need to trust a third party. The result is exceptionally fast transaction speed and customer protection from counterparty risk. Moreover, there isn’t any single point of failure due to the system’s decentralized nature.

Importantly, unlike other exchanges, LightBitAtom does not require opening an account wallet and transferring funds into it to start trading. Customers can feel secure using their own offline digital wallets to buy and sell cryptocurrency and store their money.

How to become part of it?

Traders of all levels worldwide can become participants in this new global decentralized marketplace which facilitates anonymous and safe high-speed p2p trading, with no third parties and censorship and full control of your funds. Moreover, LightBitAtom will offer token rewards for high volume traders and for new sign-ups through a special referral program. Customers will be also able to use LBA tokens to pay trading fees or gain premier access to the platform.

LightBitAtom ICO details:

The pre-sale round commenced on April 15, 2018, and will last until May 20. The ICO starts on May 21 and is scheduled to close on July 15. The total supply of LBA tokens is limited to 1.205 billion, with 87% of them to be distributed in the ICO. The exchange rate of 100 LBA is set at $1, with bonuses available for early adopters. The project developers hope to reach a hard cap of $8 million. Please note that all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

If you want more information about LightBitAtom ICO, you can visit the official website or subscribe to the project’s updates on Twitter and Telegram.