3cCoin - Reliable Investments in the High-Tech Future of Modern Construction

3cCoin – Reliable Investments in the High-Tech Future of Modern Construction

Written on 05/10/2018
Mike Mikkola

3cCoin is the blockchain option for investing in the production of the revolutionary construction material Composite Cellular Concrete (3C). This project is not a start-up! The experimental productions were repeatedly launched in Russia and Europe. The technology and material have been developing for 7 years. The funds raised under the ICO will be used to launch a “green” FULL-SCALE production of this innovative construction material and to develop appropriate technologies. 

On May 10th 2018, the ICO 3cCoin will start. 3cCoin is a full-fledged integrated blockchain option in the real sector of the economy, combining the advanced achievements of manufacturing, financial and digital technologies. In fact, our project is aimed at attracting the crowd-investment to launch the FULL-SCALE production of the unique innovative product capable of forming a new mass market of innovative, affordable, environmentally friendly and universal building materials. Our material and technology will allow us to achieve fundamental changes in the construction industry, meeting the needs and requests of hundreds of millions of consumers.

As part of the further development of blockchain technologies, the project seeks to develop integrated financial technologies in the framework of the formation of an open innovative production enterprise of a new generation with a highly adaptive interactive production and investment management model. This model is designed to provide investors with tools for generating not one-time investment income, but regular ones. If desired, the investor can take a direct part in the management of the production and marketing process of the enterprise. In the future, the investor himself will choose the level of capitalization of his incomes, determining the final product variant and the cost of its sale on the market through interactive services and the digital production model of the enterprise. Due to the wide applicability of the material and the formation of scientific, industrial, technological and further financial infrastructure, it becomes possible to go beyond the traditional capitalization of manufacturing enterprises and offer investors higher returns on purchased tokens, especially in case of increasing production volumes and also the growth of capitalization of the company. This causes a prospective increase in the value of tokens in the event of their placement on exchanges.
3Coin is a decentralized, integrated, valuable trade crypto-tool that will evolve in parallel with the real production. The investment in 3cCoin at the early stages of the project will ensure the receipt of profit up to 100%.

It is about the production of the unique innovative high-quality construction material «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C) gas-fiber - concrete. It is non-autoclaved concrete, that, unlike autoclaved concrete, does not stop strength development ever. Almost a year later, its strength doubles its characteristics, while retaining its advanced physical and mechanical properties (frost resistance, energy efficiency, high environmental friendliness, no susceptibility to corrosion, resistance to radiation, water resistance, lightness without loss of strength) received during production. It is a high-grade nanoproduct, not only possessing advanced physical and mechanical properties but also revolutionary changing traditional building technologies.
The purpose of the invention by us «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C) gas-fiber - concrete was to simplify and improve the technology of manufacturing high - quality building binding agent using nanotechnology.

Our technology allows to:
dispose of the instability of traditional cements;
provide a more economical and rational use of natural resources in production;
ensure the launch of eco-friendly ("green") production and recycle waste from various industries;
significantly reduce the cost of construction work, including by providing the possibility of manufacturing and using «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C) gas-fiber - concrete on the site of construction;
improving the quality of construction, due to advanced physical and mechanical properties of the material.
Activation of a dry mix 3C during construction works is carried out according to the principle «add only water». This property of our material increases the efficiency of the production process and makes the material affordable and easy to use. For the performance of construction works with the application of «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C) gas-fiber - concrete special skills and the equipment aren't required, the consumer is exempted from an instability of properties of types of cement and need of exact dispensing of components of the dry mix. In addition, even sea water can be used. This fact is especially important for building in regions with limited freshwater supplies.
Unlike conventional concretes, «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C) gas-fiber - concrete is an absolutely moisture-resistant material, in terms of ecological compatibility second only to wood. The quality and uniqueness of this building material and its versatility in the application were appreciated by both Russian and foreign large enterprises using high-tech, environmentally friendly and economical materials in the performance of construction works and not only. 
In addition, after successful testing and industrial approbation of «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C) gas-fiber - concrete was recommended by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for public procurement as an innovative material that is universal in application (https://itk-mdl.asutk.ru/inovation/tech.php?PAGEN_1=2) (26 position in the general list on the site of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation) and is included in the official list of recommended innovative building materials.

In fact, the principle of producing cellular concrete of any grade from a finished dry mix by simply adding water is INNOVATORY. 

Our material and technology formed the basis of the integrated blockchain-option 3cCoin. It makes the investment in 3cCoin a secured by a real production product.
Despite the fact that blockchain options in production are not the first realizable project, 3cCoin, it is possible to consider that which can be really guaranteed realized.
The target of our ICO: a fundraising of 10.000.000 EUR, which is enough to launch a full-scale environmentally friendly production of our innovative material and guaranteed payment of investment income based on the results of production.

The features of the project, which talk about the essentially low risks for the potential investor:
Our project is not a start-up! According to statistics in 2017, most of the startups ended in failures or they simply cannot be realized. 3cCoin is backed by real production and real product, which went through all stages of inspections, patented in Europe, Russia, and Asia. The quality of our product is confirmed by documents issued by reputable experts. These documents are available on our website. There is a real and not a claimed invention and technology, to which the authors spent not virtual, but real-time (more than 7 years). It’s possible to found patent describing this technology and the product in the open access. 
An experimental production has already launched on the territory of Russia and Poland by 3cCoin team. The purpose of production is to develop the product and industrial application technologies of 3C. In this way, launching production technology and specifications of the equipment producing for this purpose have already been worked out.
The project it is not about the construction of the new plant, but about the reconstruction of the already existing industrial facility. This fact considerably reduces terms and cost of the start of production and saves the project from possible administrative and legal risks.

Projects and construction workers have already done according to our technology and using our material. It talks about the reality of claimed result. You can found information about that in the open access. These are not virtual, but real results.

Since 2018 own GOST (National State Standard) begins to affect this unique innovative construction material. It says about recognition of the advanced physic-mechanical properties of our material.
In the world exists and constantly demand high-eco-friendly decisions grow in construction and the environmentally friendly production, seismosteady technologies including protecting from radiation and also high-quality and really available construction materials, on universal decisions with a wide scope of application. Our material corresponds to the current inquiries of the market. We have already concluded contracts for delivery of all volume of the product planned for production.
Product and technology 3C, are really socially significant because they are ready to ensure safety, health, and comfort in the life of each individual.
Our project is the guaranteed earnings for the investor and an opportunity on a regular basis to increase investment income.

The advantages and opportunities for the investor:
Firstly, it is the acquisition of an option with a yield of up to 100% when investing in the early stages of the project. Minimal investment risks, in conditions of the backing of the derivative, by a real unique innovative commodity, which is protected from currency fluctuations by the value of this high-demand asset.
Secondly, the opportunity to profit from the sale of products when it is brought to the market when exchanging tokens and/or investing (reinvesting) in increasing turnover (increasing production). A flexible financial model, providing for the possibility of reinvestment and multiple investments, guarantees a stable investment income at various stages of implementation and during the development of the project.
Thirdly, profit from investing in the related futures token and its bringing to the exchanges. The ability to invest in the promotion and additional integration of tokens into applications that manage the company and investments (development of a mobile application for interactive management of investments in innovation production with the ability to simulate estimates of asset parameters and scenarios) and thereby generate additional revenue.

Fourthly, the opportunity to become a co-owner of a production company (when going to IPO).

You can find the detailed description of our project and «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C), patents, expert conclusions, investment conditions, whitepaper, etc. on the website:

Video about «Composite Cellular Concrete» (3C):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5XHVqDYRqY&t=300s ​​