ColossusXT - Have a Closer Look

ColossusXT - Have a Closer Look

Written on 05/23/2018

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The three major challenges the average investor grapples with in the crypto market include privacy, exorbitant cost of transaction and slow speed of confirmation. But with COLX, those vital issues are fully addressed to give you confidence as you transact business using the coin.

COLX, which is the token name is designed to be highly decentralized and make transaction fees for customer-to-customer (C2C) and business-to-business (B2B) about the lowest in the industry besides taking care of the privacy of users.

The improvements ColossusXT is bringing to the crypto world

Though ColossusXT does not boast of being the world’s first privacy-enabled cryptocurrency, it is built upon PIVX, which is equally built on the famous DASH cryptocurrency, with a lot of improvements added as the COLX blockchain was engineered to enable the protection of users’ privacy as they transact with the coin.

With a large supply of over 10 billion coins, COLX is intended to bring about a split with popular traditional currencies that is below 1:1. This leads to transaction fee that is almost zero, a feat that gives it a competitive edge over lots of its counterparts. This makes it possible for individuals with low investment portfolio to be able to compete favorably with the “whales” as well as individuals with high net worth.

ColossusXT is also introducing the Colossus Grid, which is a distributed grid computing framework that is highly decentralized and encourages privacy-friendly economy. It will be built upon the several privacy features that are essential to COLX’s mission of becoming the consumer’s privacy coin — most importantly, I2P and the Zerocoin protocol. It will combine grid computing with decentralized storage features and thus make resources available that now sit unused on the computers of thousands and millions of potential users around the world.

Additionally, it will be able to decide prices for everyday items since it is a general-purpose decentralized marketplace.

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With COLX, other important issues are equally addressed such as:

  • The choice to determine transparent and private transactions
  • Speed, scalability, reliability and security of transactions
  • Extensive access and user-friendliness
  • Sufficient incentives for taking part in the Colossus Grid and COLX network.

Opportunity of passive income as well as helping to stabilize the network

COLX’s masternodes are currently lower than what obtains with other networks. This presents you an opportunity to earn a higher return-on-investment (ROI) even though your investment in masternodes is on the average.

With lower masternodes and a near zero transaction fee, investors have the chances of earning huge profits from multiple fronts.

As the barrier to entry for COLX masternodes will increase over time, due to likely price appreciation, one of our main goals is to deliver a Shared Masternodes technology which permits smaller investors to pool their coins in a trustless and secure way, and collectively reap the benefits of providing network services.

This new COLX masternode technology will expand the capabilities of the backbone infrastructure supporting the network, and will ensure that it is capable of handling the transaction loads and data storage requirements of a mass-market user base

In summary, the maintenance of masternodes offers the following tangible and intangible perks to their owners:

− Participation in COLX governance and the security of the COLX network

− Masternode rewards

− Commodity option for future sales

COLX Main Principles

The main principles that guides the COLX team’s work:

− We believe in empowerment of the individual, and of communities.

− We believe in the right to free speech, and in the freedom to conduct commerce as a core component of that right. This can take many forms, whether it is the freedom to contribute to a cause, to buy and sell products and services, to raise money through crowdfunding, or to run a business that has value to your customers.

− Using blockchain and related decentralized technologies, we want COLX to help individuals and communities take back economic power to achieve their goals more efficiently with greater independence and without the compromises of needing to give up data and being subject to control of corporations and other centralized groups.

COLX runs on a Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) system which allows anyone with a concrete proof of holding COLX to assist in securing the network. That simply means that such holders have an opportunity to create the newest block.

Multiple wallets for COLX holders

ColossusXT is currently working on making several wallets available for all COLX holders. In pursuant of this, they will introduce two new mobile wallets (iOS lite and Android lite wallet) in 2018. While the Android Beta is now available to the public to download on the Google Play Store —, the iOS wallet will be accessible on the Apple App Store in Q3. In addition, they will refine the desktop and web wallets that currently exist.

(Android Wallet —

The web-based wallet is also available for users who prefer alternatives that may be more convenient for them and who are unable to, or do not wish to run the Core wallet on their phones or personal computers.

Official Web Wallet —

While there have been several privacy-enabled cryptocurrencies on the market, ColossusXT comes with a different approach, covering multiple areas that give the user a sense of true privacy, independence and economic empowerment as well as the freedom that they may not find elsewhere. The world waits with great expectation as ColossusXT unveils the features that make it the cryptocurrency of the future!

ColossusXT released their whitepaper on 25th March 2018 — Read it here


COLX has announced a partnership with POLIS.

  • PolisPay is a platform that will convert your colx into fiat currencies worldwide for use in real life / everyday purchases.

The Polis Development Team has hired an experienced credit card merchant service provider for the physical release of PolisPay Cards. Beta test of physical PolisPay Mastercards should start in less than a month. Available globally in Q3 2018. ColossusXT will be officially supported on the PolisPay platform and will additionally allow for conversion into fiat.

COLX has already been integrated into their amazing Mobile App,

Polis aims to change the world through consensus-backed philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. Polis blockchain technology revolutionizes altruism by aligning economic incentives in a decentralized community.

Polis is a cryptocurrency designed for a global community. Polis uses decentralized governance and a system of democratic financing to generate global impact.

Community members are given a vote through masternode ownership. These votes determine which community proposals pass or fail. Anyone can create a community proposal about anything: a charitable donation, a community event, a direct change to Polis’s code base, etc. These proposals are executed and funded by The Polis Foundation.

Polis makes charitable donations to those in need. Together with ColossusXT, they can create positive social change in the world. Real-world impact is at the core of ColossusXT and Polis. Make a proposal or vote on current governance proposals to change the future of Polis or ColossusXT. Polis connects digital communities and marginalized countries in developing areas, supported by a passionate online community and experienced developers.

COLX has been integrated into MyCryptoCheckout.

  • Fully automated peer-to-peer transactions
  • Payments go directly from the customer to you
  • 0% transaction fees
  • No credit card chargebacks
  • Refunds are only provided if you choose to issue them
  • Customers can pay without providing any sensitive personal information
  • Take Cryptocurrency payments directly on your store with a slick and responsive checkout process. Your customer data stays with you and visitors remain on your site during the whole checkout process.

COLX has announced a partnership with FLOGmall.

FLOGmall is an e-commerce site created for users who sell and buy various products and services using cryptocurrency —

The COLX community can utilize this platform after June 26th.

COLX has announced a partnership with CryptoEmporium.

COLX has secured an important marketing opportunity to raise awareness to new investors by forming a long-term partnership with CryptoEmporium — A crypto e-commerce site used to buy luxury items such as cars/motorbikes to yachts, watches and more —

Integration of COLX is planned for this week

In addition, ColossusXT is a winner of Phase 1 listing competition for CryptalDash which is a robust cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Equipped with an institutional grade matching engine as well as third party exchanges order routing capabilities all under one Dashboard.

CryptalDash not only enables the trading across platforms and Crypto Assets, but also across-platform which enables effective price and product discovery.

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For business inquiries please email —

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